Young Australians an integral part of healthy democracy

The Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) – the national voice for young Australians – says that getting more young people involved in the political process can only be a good thing. This follows an analysis by Ian McAllister of the Australian National University has found that direct enrolment, which came into effect in July, would advantage some political parties more than others.
“What increased enrollments means for 226 politicians shouldn’t be the story here. The story is what it will mean for Australian democracy, and in particular for 280,000 young Australians” Australian Youth Affairs Coalition Executive Director,
Andrew Cummings says.”Young people are massively impacted by government decisions – in the education they receive, the training and support available to them as they start their careers, the society they live in and so much more. Having young people engaged is so important for the health of our democracy” Mr Cummings said.

For comment please contact: Andrew Cummings, Executive Director, Australian Youth Affairs Coalition – 0435 146 979