Our Vision

AYAC’s vision is for an Australia in which young people are informed, empowered, encouraged and supported to participate in their communities. This includes ensuring that:

  • Young people who have experienced disadvantage can access programs, services, advice and support to reach their full potential
  • Young people participate with energy and enthusiasm in public debate, decision making and political process, creating the change they want to see in Australia
  • Young people are supported by a vibrant and well-resourced youth support sector that delivers relevant and meaningful programs and opportunities across Australia
  • The Australian youth sector is recognised as leading the way in innovative and effective youth engagement and participation strategies
  • The community truly values and welcomes the ideas, opinions and experiences of young people in all spheres of community life.

Our Plan

We’ve worked closely with the youth sector and young people to develop this plan, consulting nationally on priorities for AYAC for the next four years. This plan draws on the ideas and feedback we received from a range of youth workers, organisations and other agencies with a commitment to young people in Australia, as well as from young people themselves.

AYAC’s Strategic Plan sets our directions for the next fours years and commences on 1 July 2011. It establishes five strategic areas to focus our work for the next four years:

  1. Build youth participation
  2. Support the youth sector
  3. Advocate for change
  4. Drive research for better practice
  5. Do things well

You can download AYAC’s Strategic Plan and other reports here

Our Process

Throughout 2012, AYAC worked with its Policy Advisory Council to confirm the best process for AYAC to follow in developing it’s policy statements and work on behalf of young people and the youth sector across Australia. A copy of the processes and considerations for AYAC policy development processes can be found here.