AYAC Draft Youth Work Definition released!

AYAC has worked with representatives from across the youth work sector — building upon the results of the AYAC National Snapshot of Youth Work — to lay down a draft definition of youth work that describes all the things that youth workers have in common, what make youth work special, and most importantly why the youth work approach has the best impact on the lives of young people.

For all the details, please go to the AYAC National Definition of Youth Work webpage

The consultation paper on the draft definition of youth work in Australia, including the full definition, a glossary of terms, notes from the AYAC Policy Advisory Council on why particular terms were chosen, and questions for your feedback is now available! For the consultation paper, please click here or this link: http://tinyurl.com/padl8kf

Feedback on the draft definition paper will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, 28 July 2013.

This will give us just enough time to pull your thoughts together in time for the AYAC 2013 National Youth Affairs Conference, where youth workers and other interested conference participants will be invited to take part in a discussion on youth work in Australia, looking at your feedback and discussing the future of directions for the draft national definition of youth work. If you want to attend this session, register now! – ayac2013.eventbrite.com.au

AYAC will disseminate the outcomes of these discussions to the sector in late August, so make sure you’re signed up to the AYAC Newsletter if you want to see the latest information.

For all the details, go to http://www.ayac.org.au/youthworkdefinition.html