AYAC interviewed on new PM Kevin Rudd’s appeal to youth

Since this page was published there has been a change in the Federal Government, and references made to the positions of Federal Ministers are no longer correct. For information on the current Federal Ministry please visit the Australia Parliament House website.

In his first speech, the newly reappointed Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd appealed to young Australians, saying “I want to ask you to please come back and listen afresh. We need you to support us in the great challenges which lie ahead for the country. And with your energy, we can start cooking with gas.”

But is this really the demographic that Labor needs to target to win the election? And will young Australians want to listen?

AYAC’s Acting Exective Director, Rey Reodica spoke to ABC Radio The World Today

Rey Reodica, “…it is fantastic to see young Australians being placed at the centre of Australian political discussions again.

“…They don’t want to necessarily be involved in the kind of mudslinging and numbers games that are part and parcel of current politics and they are really concerned about Australia’s future so you know, if we are to address the challenges that we face then young people need to be front and centre in that discussion and we really hope that the Prime Minister’s speech last night is the first step towards that.”

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