Fly In, Fly Out in youth work problems & solutions

Fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) and drive in, drive out (DIDO) workforces are commonly associated with the Australian mining and resource sector, however they are also used to deliver a range of health, social and education services to young people living in remote areas.
Why is Fly In, Fly Out a youth issue? Although playing a crucial role in service delivery to regional, rural and remote Australia, the FIFO/DIDO model of service provision to some of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people fails to adequately address their needs and may actually be doing harm. The effectiveness of FIFO/DIDO workforces is seriously diminished by an inability to build and sustain the relationships that are crucial when working with young people. Rather than providing essential services, FIFO workforces can actually undermine remote service provision, with a recent report labelling FIFO services both costly and ineffective. Download the complete report – PDF (3.6 mb)