Across Australia young people are working in new and innovative ways to make the world a better place. There is a movement of young people creating social change whether on their own, a youth led, or other youth sector organisations.

As part of National Youth Week, the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) – Australia’s peak body for young people and the youth sector – has teamed up with Tune In Not Out to create a space where young people involved in social action and changemaking can profile their story and invite other young people to get involved.

That space is now live! Head over to ‘Own the Issue to check out the videos, real stories, opportunities to be involved and much more.

The website provides 24hr TV for life’s challenges. It offers young people video content supported by factsheets by leading youth agencies, real stories and blogs.

The ‘Own the Issue‘ section on the Tune In Not Out website will be promoted online by AYAC and Tune In Not Out and will remain live during 2011.

Want to get involved?

To get involved please provide the following information in either an email or word document to

Organisation directory section

  1. Name of organisation/group
  2. Brief overview of what you do: Use this section to inspire young people here so they visit your site for more information. Try to use no more than 250 words.
  3. Contact Details: include website, main contact name, contact phone number, contact emails, etc.
  4. Your Logo: Please make these suitable for web use, e.g. high resolution is best.
  5. Photo/Image: Photos or images enhance your profile, so please try and include a few for us to choose from.

Video/stories section

  1. YouTube video URLs: These are videos that show what you do or have done, e.g. any current campaigns you are working on. These will be showcased in the video section.
  2. Real Stories: Do you have a written/video story from a young person about being involved with your campaign/work? Let us know so we can feature your story in the clips section.