Inquiry into the National Commission of Audit – AYAC Submission

AYAC has made a written submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Australian Government’s Commission of Audit.

Our submission makes an important contribution to the discussion relating to government expenditure and its impact on the not-for-profit sector, vulnerable and disadvantaged young people, and young people accessing government funded services such as Centrelink, young homelessness services, alternative education providers and Jobs Services Australia.

To read our submission in full, please click here.

In October 2013, the Australian Government announced a National Commission of Audit to review and report on the performance, functions and roles of the Commonwealth government and make recommendations for changes to government expenditure.

Since then, the Senate established a special committee to look into the Commission of Audit and report back on its finding to the Parliament of Australia. For more details on the Senate Select Committee and the inquiry, including other submissions made, please click here.

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