Laws leave children & asylum seekers vulnerable – Interview

Confusion over who has the right to investigate conditions in detention centres may be compromising the oversight of human rights. Australian Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs has been advised that she cannot visit Nauru and Manus Island detention centers because she has no jurisdictional power to hear complaints of the treatment people receive there.

AYAC Executive Director, Andrew Cummings, spoke to The Wire today

This is despite Australia’s choice to have asylum seekers detained there. And it seems there’s another oversight in human rights for children living in detention on Australian soil. Tasmanian Children’s Commissioner Aileen Ashford has written to the Prime Minister. She is complaining that state child protection agencies have no jurisdiction to act on cases of alleged abuse in federally-governed detention centers leaving many children vulnerable. (Image: All rights reserved Orphan Helpers)

Featured in story:
Daniel Webb, Human Rights Law Centre
Pam Simmons, Office of Guardian for Children and Young People
Andrew Cummings, Executive Director of Australian Youth Affairs Coalition