Youth Workers – time to be seen! It’s your snapshot.

Dear Youth Workers (& friends),

Whenever we go around the country talking to youth workers and young people, we hear about the need to raise the profile of youth worker and the understanding in general community of the important work that you do.

For a long time, nobody has been able to paint a clear picture of what youth work is like across Australia – the challenges, the triumphs and the ways communities and governments can make your job easier.

We here at AYAC are trying to fill this gap with the FIRST EVER National Snapshot of Youth Work.

The National Snapshot of Youth Work 2013 is being conducted by Dr Liz Reimer from Southern Cross University. It covers your career, your current work and conditions, your education and professional develop opportunities, and the issues you and the young people you work with face.

We want every youth worker in Australia to complete the survey.

Yup – everyone.

If you provide support to young people aged 12-26 years, then we need you. If you know anyone else who does – then we need you to pass this on to them.

If we can get Youth Workers in every corner of the country to undertake the survey, then for the first time AYAC and the youth sector will be able to paint that clear picture of Youth Work – and finally we’ll be on a level playing field with other professionals across the community services sector.

If that’s not enough to get you to do the snapshot survey, then we’ve got an extra incentive for you!!! Complete the full survey by Monday, 4th February 2013 and you’ll go into the draw to win one of two iPads!

To complete the survey and go into the draw, click any of the links below.


Anyone providing youth work services to young people aged 12-26 years can complete the survey.

Win an iPad!
Complete the survey by Monday 4th February 2013 and you will go into the draw to win one of two Apple iPads*! If you currently live outside the capital cities, you’ll go into the draw twice, so there’s more reasons to take part in this fantastic research.