AYAC supports ALP commitment to National Children’s Commissioner

AYAC supports the Australian Labour Party in their move to commit to appoint a National Children’s Commissioner. The amendment was made from the floor of the ALP National Conference over the weekend, receiving strong support.

AYAC understands the critical need for a National Children’s Commissioner, and has been working closely with leading NGO’s to progress the issue.


Partnering with the Australian Human Rights Commission, AYAC recently held a joint Roundtable that was attended by over 30 NGOs, all of whom had submitted a response to the 2010 Commonwealth Commissioner for Children and Young People Bill. The aim of the day was to achieve agreement on a handful of principles so that we could take these back to Government and continue to move on the issue.

Since then, AYAC has been working closely with organisations such as Save the Children and UNICEF to continue championing the cause.

AYAC also supports advocates UNICEF, Save the Children and the St Vincent de Paul Society in their co-joined media release, welcolming the amendments. To read more about the amendment and to read their co-joined media release – click here