Young People Becoming Community Campaigners!

This year’s National Youth Week theme of “Imagine, Create, Inspire” is being brought to life by Australia’s youth-led movement. For the first time, youth-led organisations are being supported to recruit and train Indigenous young people and young people from rural and regional areas to become passionate activists for social change.

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) – which boasts a membership of 80,000 young people who are building a nation-wide youth movement to “solve the climate crisis” – are now recruiting and training Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in the North Queensland cities of Cairns, Mackay and Rockhampton to become their latest climate action campaigners.

With the backing of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC), the AYCC will train Indigenous young people to learn valuable campaigning and mobilising skills to excite their own communities about climate change and renewable energy, as well as pressuring politicians to take action.

Another large youth-led organisation, the Left Right Think Tank – a group on a mission to see Australia’s young people lead the way in public policy debates – are also engaging marginalised youth in their political activism by recruiting and training rural young people in the WA town of Bunbury to become volunteer political engagement officers.

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