Help Stop Single Parent Payments Cuts!

ACOSS has been speaking out against the Federal Government plan to force single parents off Parenting Payment Single (PPS) and place them onto the lower paying Newstart Allowance when their youngest child turns eight years of age. They are currently lobbying all Federal Members of Parliament and Senators to make them aware of the full impact of this proposal to convince them to vote against this part of the legislation in parliament. They need your help!

ACOSS wants to prevent the Federal Government proceeding with its planned Budget cuts to sole parent payments that will see more than 100,000 sole parent families lose up to $60 per week, and to urge for a more adequate increase in the Newstart and other Allowances.

The legislation (Social Security Legislation Amendment (Fair Incentives to Work) Bill) was introduced into parliament last week and will be voted on soon.

AYAC is particularly concerned with young parents affected by this proposed legislation. Young parents are already judged based on mythical stereotypes, and these kinds of government policies that penalises young parents simply reinforce ideas about young people having babies for the money, not to mention the idea that parents of young children “sit around at home and do nothing”.

Like all full time carers, young people on parenting support need to juggle their employment/education with their unpaid (and undervalued) caring role in society and should be offered the choice to take time out for full-time parenting.

Even with the increases in family payments and the new Supplementary Allowance of $4 per week announced in the Budget, ACOSS calculates a sole parent family with a primary school age child will still be about $40 a week worse off.

ACOSS has described the proposal as the only blight on an otherwise fair and balanced Budget and argued that the surplus could have been achieved without leaving some of the most disadvantaged families and their children in deeper poverty.

AYAC fully supports the ACOSS campaign and we encourage you to join in the ongoing efforts before it’s too late!