Maintaining the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Having to plea for money, struggling to get vital pieces of equipment that you need just to become a member of the community, being made to feel guilty for wanting equipment and services that you require…. Oh yes, welcome to the world of disability in our free country AUSTRALIA!!!!

Hi, my name is Gretta Serov, I am 21 years old & I have Cerebral Palsy. To me, being born with my condition means that I have never really noticed my challenges. This was enhanced by being in a mainstream school environment. Unfortunately the area of my life which I feel the most ‘crippled’ in is accessing my basic needs. This is because me and many others have spent many years of our lives waiting for urgent pieces of equipment which are vital to a person’s independence, social life and ability to access the community including their own household. Unfortunately, this has resulted in people being fed up or feeling hesitant when asking for basic equipment or services. For some, this has meant being stuck in wheelchairs that are literally collapsing ¬†around them and spending most weekends at home because there’s not enough funding to pay for carers for during the week, when their parents are at work, and weekends to go and catch up with their mates.

Fortunately, due to the power of many parents and people in the disability world there’s a new funding method in development called the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). In basic terms this funding will allow people with any disability to live life like anyone else. this will be through having access to the amount of money needed for care needs and equipment while in control of these funds. Personally, this concept is a little difficult to even imagine due to growing up with the current system. At the same time exciting to think that in less than 24 months the new system will be on its’ way and started in some parts of australia.

Whilst this has been promised in the next budget and Julia Gillard is 100% supporting it. there’s still can be potential hurdles such as affordability that can harm this process. The impact of these hurdles can be weakened by the amount of fight and force which can be displayed by anyone in the public.