Young people with disabilities are often excluded from employment and education, and often miss out on meaningful opportunities for participation in social and community life. The disadvantage of those living with disability is also compounded by the additional disadvantage of their youth.

Nationally, Australia’s response to young people with disabilities must reflect our obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as well as the National Disability Strategy. These instruments acknowledge that people at different life stages have different needs for care and support.

AYAC believes that…

  • Young people with disabilities have the right to self-representation and to be represented by national organisations that support young people to represent themselves and all young people with disabilities.
  • Young people with disabilities have the right to access education, employment, public spaces, transportation, health care and recreation.
  • Young people with disabilities have the right to adequate care, supports, equipment and technology, and this responsibility should be collectively shared and not left solely to the families and carers of young people with disabilities.

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