AYAC is committed to ending the stigma and discrimination against people due to their actual or assumed sexual orientation.  We want an Australia where every young person can feel safe and accepted, one that values and respects sexual diversity.While AYAC recognises that Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer/Questioning (GLBTIQ) is the most used terminology, AYAC refers to these groups as Same Sex Attracted and Sex and Gender Diverse (SSASGD), as it’s focus is on sexual practices rather than sexual identities.

AYAC believes that…

  • All human services that connect with young people should develop policies and practices and provide appropriate training to ensure that workers understand and support sexual and gender diversity.
  • Schools and tertiary education institutions need to comprehensively address homophobia and transphobia that leads to bullying and discrimination.
  • Schools and tertiary education institutions should challenge homophobia and transphobia by working actively to support and include gender and sexuality diversity issues into mainstream initiatives.

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