The youth sector has a considerable and positive impact in the lives of young people in Australia and AYAC strongly values the work performed by youth workers, organisations and other professionals committed to the rights and needs of young people.  We are committed to supporting the youth sector to ensure that it is unified, well resourced and professional.

AYAC is working closely with key stakeholders to better articulate the uniqueness of youth work and foster greater understanding of how youth workers help young people to flourish. AYAC is also working with the youth sector to close the gap on pay parity, reduce staff burnout, and improve resourcing to rural and remote youth services.

AYAC believes that…

  • Youth support services are essential community services and have a strong role to play in generating broad community harmony.
  • Young people deserve a youth sector that is healthy, diverse and professional.
  • There should be greater community recognition of the unique and positive role that youth workers and other youth support practitioners play in the lives of young people.

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