The Policy Platform aims to:

  • Summarise the key policy issues affecting young people and youth affairs
  • Guide the day-to-day policy and advocacy work of AYAC
  • Advise governments, the media and other stakeholders on AYAC’s positions on key policy matters relevant to young people
  • Frame AYAC’s policy aims in a positive and aspirational way
  • Offer examples of good practice
  • Provide a starting point for further inquiry and assistance

Each position statement emphasises the human rights of young people, in particular the right of young people to have genuine and meaningful input into the making of decisions that affect them.  The interests of young people facing extra barriers to inclusion are also promoted.  Our Policy Platform encourages sustainable solutions, best practice and evidence-based approaches, and innovative strategies.

Our Policy Platform is a “living” document and is reviewed regularly via ongoing consultations with members to ensure that AYAC’s policy positions remain current. We welcome your feedback.

The policy position statements are available for downloading at

Download a copy of the Prologue in PDF (2.4 mb)