AYAC Gives Evidence on Allowance Payment System

AYAC’s Executive Director, Andrew Cummings, and young Board member, Polly Henry, took a trip to the nation’s capital to participate in a Senate Committee hearing regarding youth allowance and other payment systems.

Following on from AYAC”s submission, they gave evidence regarding the adeqacy of the allowance payment system for jobseekers and others, the appropriateness of the allowance payment system as a support into work and the impact of the changing nature of the labour market

Mr Cummings said “One of the key things that we hear from young people is that, in living on youth allowance and Newstart allowance, one of the biggest impacts is the social isolation that comes with not being able to afford to socialise and to go to events that their peers might be going to.”

“Whilst we recognise that nobody would expect that the benefits system would allow young people or anybody else a luxurious life, we do believe that in that particular stage of development, particularly in the 16 to 25 age group, young people are at a critical time of developing a range of social and emotional skills, and a critical part is having regular contact with your peers, which helps to develop confidence, self-esteem and a whole lot of other things.”

Download the transcript (AYAC pg.18) – PDF (757 kb) or CLICK HERE to view the transcript online

Download our submission – PDF (723 kb)