Leading youth groups urge Queensland government to stop attempts to silence youth voice

Leading youth affairs organisations around Australia* have today expressed their strong opposition to plans to silence the principal voice for young Queenslanders and the youth sector that supports them.

The Queensland government has indicated that funding to the Youth Affairs Network of Queensland (YANQ) will cease in just over two months, making it impossible for the voices and needs of young people to be heard in important decision making processes that affect their lives.

Executive director of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition, Andrew Cummings said, “YANQ is the only body in Queensland recognised as having the ability to speak out on the interests and wellbeing of young people across the state. Without YANQ, Queensland will be the only state without the capacity to contribute to important national debates affecting their young people, such as education reforms, youth disability services under the NDIS and Indigenous affairs.”

YANQ has received Queensland government funding for the past 21 years. In that time it has consolidated a strong network of youth support services – able to provide informed and evidence-based advice to government

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