Free CanTeen Counselling Service

For young people, finding out their parent has cancer or having a parent die from cancer turns their life upside down.  Every year in Australia, 15,000 young people will have a parent diagnosed with cancer. CanTeen research has found that young people dealing with a parent’s cancer have increased levels of stress and anxiety and report a number of unmet needs.

One of these unmet needs is access to professional support through counselling and so the CanTeen Counselling Service was developed in response to this. The CanTeen Counselling Service is a specialised service for anyone aged 12-24 in Australia who has a parent with cancer or whose parent has died from cancer.

“Even though my Mum died 5 years ago, accessing counselling has really helped me understand how Mum’s death is still affecting me. I didn’t realise how much not having Mum around impacted my whole life. Seeing a counsellor has really helped me to manage and understand what has been happening and keep on track with my life. My first session was so great….I walked away feeling relieved that my thoughts and feelings were ‘normal’.” – Ali, 20 years old, whose mum died when she was just 15.

Our counsellors are professionals skilled in working with young people living with cancer and in grief and loss.  They offer face to face counselling, telephone and online counselling as well as groups for specific ages and issues depending on demand.

To find out more about the FREE CanTeen Counselling Service or to refer a young person:
CALL: 1800 226 833