Around 5% of Australian young people under the age of 25 regularly care for a family member with an illness, a disability, a mental illness or an alcohol or drug dependency. AYAC recognises the considerable contribuyions that young carers make in the community. A young carer may assist with domestic tasks, personal care, emoyional care, sibling care or even financial care. Young people’s unpaid care is oCen underestimated and many young carers are ‘hidden’. That is, they do not idenyify themselves as carers nor use formal services for carers, particularly in situations involving mental illness, or drugs and alcohol.

AYAC believes that…

  • Policy-making for young carers should be based on real consultation with young people themselves.
  • There needs to be an increased awareness and promotion of the role and positive contribution of young carers, particularly by governments and education and health service providers.
  • Holistic, family-centred support models that recognise that young carers are closely linked with their families should be piloted as a way to best connect with young carers.
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