Four Ways To Be A Youth Work SUPERHERO This Election!

A resource for youth workers working with young people 18-25

On September 7th Australia will go to the polls to decide who will lead the country for the next three years.Whoever wins the election will have the power to dramatically shape the future of this country – from the environment to the economy, they will decide on issues as diverse as youth employment, housing affordability, marriage equality and university funding. Basically, it’s a big deal. That’s why it’s more important than ever that young voters turn out on Election Day and have their say.

1. Explain how voting works and talk about the issues. Pre/Poll is website that gives an easy-to- read breakdown of each party’s election promises on major issues The AEC also has a great guide that explains the process of voting
2. Offer to take people to the nearest polling placeand make voting a fun group activity. You can find your closest polling booth here
3. Find your closest polling booth and remind young people where they can vote on Election Day
4. Share your stories online and join the national conversation about what issues young people care about in 2013.

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