AYAC discusses “Generation Jobless” on ABC Radio talkback

Australia may enjoy relatively low rates of unemployment but many of our young people still struggle to find ongoing work. So, what stumbling blocks do young people face and are things really more difficult for Gen Y than previous generations?

AYAC’s Rey Reodica spent an evening talking about this important issue with Tony Delroy on ABC Radio Nightlife

In the studio to talk about the challenge of youth unemployment are Rey Reodica from the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition and Dr John Falzon, CEO of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Also joining the conversation on the phone are two young Australians who are experiencing the challenges of looking for work, first hand.

The stories and revelations from these two young women are insightful and powerful.

To listen, click http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/local/nightlife/generation_m2154452.mp3here