AYAC welcomes Senator Ryan to Youth Affairs

Media Release

Responsibility for Youth Affairs in Government has been assigned to the newly appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education, Senator the Hon Scott Ryan. This is a move welcomed by the national youth affairs peak body, the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC).

The Cabinet no longer includes a Minister for Youth. Having a dedicated youth portfolio within the overarching Education portfolio will assist the Government to effectively address young people’s issues.

AYAC Executive Director, Gabi Rosenstreich, said “A dedicated portfolio enables a strong profile for youth issues, solid relationships that forge links with young people and the youth sector, and a depth of expertise in Government.”

“At the same time, we also know that the issues that affect young people cut across all portfolios. For example, young people are just as much a part of the employment, health and justice portfolios as other people, but are affected in some specific ways.”

“We need both: Targeted strategies – like a dedicated portfolio – combined with a mainstreaming approach that addresses the issues of young people within all portfolios across government. This will ensure that the issues affecting young people are effectively addressed.”

AYAC looks forward to working with Senator Ryan, as well as with all other portfolio holders and all parts of Government, to ensure that they have access to the expertise that they need to make a positive difference for all young people in Australia.

For further comment, please contact:

Gabi Rosenstreich

AYAC Executive Director

E: gabi@ayac.org.au | P: 02 9212 0500 | M: 0466 455 455