Youth in Revolt – Celebrating National Youth Week

Same Same is staging a revolt! For the next week, Same Same wants to take a break from the status quo and really shine a light on the amazing work that our younger audience can bring to the table.

Check out what Same Same are doing for Youth Week

Same Same is staging a revolt:

Are you 25 and/or younger? For the next ten days through National Youth Week (yes, according to the government, a week is ten days), this is your chance to be heard, your chance to shape the discussionand your chance to make a mark on our amazing community.

Your contribution to this Same Same’s experiment can be as personal as a coming out story, or as general as an opinion piece on how the nation’s current political policies affect you.

Nothing is off limits – 

Youth of Same Same remember, if you would like to be heard, you must yourself speak up!

Get in touch with to make your voice heard.


P.S – If you haven’t seen what AYAC is doing for National Youth Week, head over to Own the Issue!