Students with a Disability often Bullied and Forgotten

Young people with disabilities are struggling to access and participate in education free from bullying and discrimination, according to a survey undertaken by the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC).

“I’ve been bullied constantly at uni, to the point where I’m totally isolated and stigmatised by other students and I feel as if I’m just not good enough to study anymore. It’s been one of the worst experiences of my life,” said one student.

“The survey findings reveal a startling lack of support for students with disabilities, and highlight the fact that many education providers are failing to uphold the rights of these young people”, AYAC’s Executive Director, Andrew Cummings, said.

“There is an urgent need for stronger mechanisms to enforce the Disability Standards. The current system needs to be improved so that compliance with the Standards is compulsory, and does not rely on young people or their parents making a complaint before it is set in place” he said.

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