AYAC Calls for Federal Government to Stand Firm on Issues

The Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) today urged the Federal Government to continue with its reform agenda in tackling difficult issues such as global warming. AYAC urged the Prime Minister not to cave in to a small but vocal proportion of the population, who are putting pressure on the government to back down on important social and environmental changes.

“Surveys consistently show that the overwhelming majority of young people want to see decisive action taken to address the issues that concern them. Climate change is often cited as the top issue concerning young Australians, and the vast majority of young people support the idea of placing a price on carbon emissions” AYAC’s Executive Director, Andrew Cummings, said today.

Groups such as the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, which boasts over 56 000 young people as members, demonstrate the passion and conviction that young people feel towards the issues that matter to them.

Recent surveys also show that over 75% of young people support gay marriage. Young people want to see sensible and practical social reforms that address the issues of concern to them.

“We need to listen to young people and to learn about the type of world they wish to live in – the world they want to inherit. Issues such as climate change and gay marriage are at the top of the list for most young people. Instead of listening to a few hundred people making lots of noise outside Parliament House, we urge the government to listen to the millions of young people in Australia, and to continue making the right decisions to ensure them the best possible future. ” Mr Cummings said.

For further comment, please contact Andrew Cummings, AYAC Executive Director:

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To download the full media release – click here (PDF – 72kb)