AYAC Calls on ALP for Gay Marriage

The Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) – Australia’s national voice for young people and the youth support sector – today called on ALP members to listen to young people as they head into this year’s national conference. “Young people want to see a socially progressive government that is willing to take action on the important issues of our time” says AYAC’s Executive Director, Andrew Cummings.

Several recent surveys show that young people overwhelmingly support the Federal government taking action on key issues such as gay marriage. Up to 80% of young people believe that gay couples should have the same right to marriage that straight couples already enjoy. They are waiting for the government to show leadership on social issues such as this.

“This weekend’s national conference provides a golden opportunity for the ALP to show that it is listening to young voters. Recent policy developments such as the introduction of a price on carbon have gone some way towards this. Showing support for gay marriage will help to cement this view amongst young people” Mr Cummings said.

For further comment, please contact Andrew Cummings, AYAC Executive Director:
(P) 02 9212 0500  (m) 0435 146 979  (e) andrew@ayac.org.au

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