In the past few months AYAC has been coordinating the Online Community Youth Spaces (OCYS) project. This new project aims to tap into the power of technology to enable 10 young people to promote youth involvement and positive images of young people in their local community.

The 10 participants have been provided with a website package, ongoing training and support to:

  • Design and deliver a website for young people in their community
  • Foster youth leadership in their community
  • Promote a positive image of young people
  • Create an online space where young people can find out what’s happening in the community, share ideas and get information.

Our 10 participants from across Australia have been busy developing their sites, and we are pleased to present to you their innovative ideas:

Participants at the training workshops in Sydeny with AYAC’s Maia and Beverly

‘Northern Beaches Youth Info’ – New South Wales

Targeted at young people, families, workers and the broader community in Northern Beaches, this website acts as an interactive information hub where users can both find and post information about events, activities, programs and services for young people in Northern Beaches. The website will also act as a base where young people can communicate with each other about topics of interest.

‘What If Youth’ – New South Wales

A wholly youth-driven site, “What if Youth” engages young people on political issues that affect them via an interactive discussion forum.

‘Age Old Question’ – New South Wales

Age Old Question will be a website that provides an online space where young people living in Blue Mountains region can seek help in making those big decisions for the future from those who have lived it all before – our communities elderly.

‘Multicultural Youth’ – Northern Territory

This website acts to create a space where young people can collaborate online to work towards a collective and meaningful response to particular issues. The website will also be a space to provide opportunities and venues for multicultural people to have their voice heard within their community

‘As if Cairns’ – Queensland

This space is about the promotion of youth theatre, music , dance, and events that are happening in the community

‘Riverland Youth Connect’ – South Australia

Riverland Connect is a site that will aim to inspire, connect and celebrate young people living and working in the of the Riverland region.

‘Share Space’ – Victoria

Share Space and its developers will be encouraging young people to submit and publish their stories, art work, poems, videos – whatever medium – under the theme of ‘recovery’. This will be an interactive site, providing hope to young people experiencing mental health.

‘Performers United’ – Victoria

This site is an online volunteering community space for young performers in Victoria that aims to promote volunteering opportunities for dancers, actors and singers.

‘Project Fledgling’ – Western Australia

An online space for young artists in Perth to showcase their art and at the same time being able to connect to upcoming opportunities – be it grants, shows, exhibitions, workspaces etc.

This project is funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relation (now known as the Department of Education and the Department of Employment) through the Australian Youth Forum