The AYAC 2013 National Youth Affairs Conference brought together over 200 delegates from around Australia for 3 days from the 5th-7th of August 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia.

The diversity of representatives was truly wonderful, enabling high levels of energy and enthusiasm throughout the conference – in workshops, plenaries and during the breaks. AYAC 2013 saw delegates from every state and territory, from a variety of cultural backgrounds, regional and rural areas, as well as a diversity of work experience.

Read more about our conferences workshops, panels and discussions in the event program | PDF (9mb)

The conference was a major focus for AYAC in 2013. Planning was conducted by AYAC staff and commenced in late 2012, in consultation with the broader youth sector and young people. We were very grateful for the support of those steering committee members from AYAC Policy Advisory Council, the state and territory peak bodies and many more for the effort in guiding and promoting AYAC’s conference.

We also thank all of our sponsors, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to hold the conference.
AYAC 2013 also had an overwhelming online presence, generating over 5,000 tweets using the #AYAC2013 hashtag, which reached an audience of over 4,300,000.

These events are invaluable in creating solidarity and sense of purpose for those who attend. It provides the opportunity to join together and share learnings and experiences across the country, across sectors, between young and the not-so-young, and build the ‘bigger picture’ of which we are all a part of. This alone is a brilliant outcome.

The following report offers a summary of AYAC 2013 and the experiences and feedback of its attendees, whom we thank for their solid suggestions towards creating a bigger, better AYAC 2015.

Conference Evaluation Report: AYAC 2013 National Youth Affairs Conference | PDF (2mb)

At AYAC 2013, we were able to capture a broad range content from keynote speakers and panels. We have developed the information into some snappy videos, for your use. Check it out here –

Conference Videos