The AYAC 2013 National Youth Affairs Conference brought together over 200 delegates from around Australia for 3 days from the 5th-7th of August 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia.

The team at Vibewire have cut together the best bits from the major plenary sessions for you to enjoy below, or you can check out the AYAC 2013 playlist on YouTube.

AYAC 2013 Highlights

An overview of what was on offer at AYAC 2013 – from participants, keynote speakers and workshop sessions.

Conference Opening and Youth Participation Keynote

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs is for more people to come alive”
– Adam Pulford

Conference Opening:
Polly Henry  //  Chair,  Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Adam Pulford  //  2013 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations

International Keynote & Building Youth Participation Panel

“Everyone of us in this room has the audacity to think we can create change, some way. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. The audacity to put a fingerprint on someone else’s life. An audacity to want to change society. And I think that’s where real magic happens.”
– John Loughton

International Keynote & Panellist:
John Loughton  //  Founder & Director,  Dare2Lead (UK)

Other Panellists:
David Baker  //  Director of Research,  The Australia Institute
Lauren Moss  //  Co-Founder,  The SkinDeep Project
Viv Benjamin  //  CEO,  The Oaktree Foundation

Panel Chair:
Josh Genner  //  Deputy Director (Young People),  AYAC

The Hon. Kate Ellis MP  //  Former Minister for Employment Participation & Youth Affairs
David Thompson AM  //  CEO,  Jobs Australia
Gerrie Mitra  //  Deputy CEO,  SYC