Reducing Indigenous youth incarceration in Australia

Despite awareness of the disproportionate level of Indigenous juveniles inside justice and detention systems, programs implemented to address this issue have failed to reduce the high incarceration rates of Indigenous youth.

AYAC believes that a range of new and nnovative strategies, that move away from the failed “tough on crime” rhetoric, are needed if Australia is to properly address the disproportionate amount of Indigenous youth in our juvenile justice system.

Recurring evidence suggests that early identification of problem behavior and subsequent intervention is the most effective way to reduce the likelihood of contact with the juvenile justice system.

Similarly environmental factors, such as a young persons exposure to childhood neglect, abuse and educational attainment, play a large role in the development of criminal tendencies.

AYAC believes that we can ‘Close the Gap’ between young Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in detention by investing resources to address these root causes of criminal behavior.

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