AYAC works to provide comment and submissions on issues affecting young people and the youth sector. What we aim to achieve is to support or introduce the perspective and voice of young people into policy debates. Working closely with the advice of the AYAC Policy Advisory Council ensures our policy work incorporates a broad cross-section of perspectives.

Recent AYAC policy submissions:

March 2014 – Submission to the Senate Select Committee inquiry into School Funding (PDF – 694kb)

March 2014 – Submission to the “Inquiry into the role of Technical and Further Education in Australia”(PDF – 248kb)

January 2014 – Submission to the ‘Inquiry into the Abbott Government’s Commission of Audit’ (PDF – 882kb)

March 2013 – Submission to the inquiry on the ‘Value of a justice reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Australia’  – full report here: Insights from the Coalface: Value of a justice reinvestment approach for young Australians (PDF – 2 mb)

August 2012 – The adequacy of the allowance payment system (Youth Allowance etc) (PDF – 723kb)

July 2012 – Submission to the Sole Parenting inquiry (PDF – 521kb)

May 2012 – Joint submission to the Anti-Racism Strategy (PDF – 438kb)

April 2012 – Inquiry into the use of ‘fly-in, fly-out’ (FIFO) workforce practices in regional Australia(PDF – 505kb)

April 2012 – Marriage Equality (PDF 3.3 mb)

February 2012 – Social Security Amendment (PDF 156kb)

February 2012 – Consolidation of Anti-Discrimination Legislation with NCYLC (PDF 467kb)

December 2011 – A National Commissioner for Australia’s Children (PDF 2.5mb)

December 2011 – Definition of Charity (PDF 455kb)

November 2011 – Environmental Scan (PDF 463kb)

October 2011 – Remote Participation and Employment (PDF 918kb)

September 2011 – Second Submission to the Review of Funding for Schooling (PDF 598kb)

August 2011 – AYF Evaluation (PDF – 463kb)


AYAC’s policy submissions have included:


Dec 2009 – Electoral reform & the voting age (PDF – 246 kb)

Jan 2010 – Indigenous juvenile justice (PDF – 421kb)

Feb 2010 – Compulsory Income Management (PDF – 142kb)

June 2010 – Cyber safety issues affecting children and young people (PDF – 303kb)

Nov 2010 – Community & health industry workforce development (PDF – 400kb)

Jan 2011 – Commonwealth Commissioner for Children and Young People (PDF – 3mb)

Jan 2011 – Online privacy protection (PDF – 432kb)

Jan 2011 – Increase in Youth Allowance (PDF – 423kb)

March 2011 – National school chaplaincy program (PDF – 455kb)

April 2011 – Review of Student Income Support Reforms (PDF – 464kb)