Organisational Guidelines for Supporting Youth Leds

The Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC) – as the national peak body for youth affairs – strongly believes in young people and the powerful contributions they can make to the Australian community – both now and in the future. Our experience working with young people is littered with examples of young people working together to make a real difference to the world around them – including youth-led organisations and groups.

While youth-leds are a critical force for postivie social change in Australia and beyond, many from around Australia have identified a number of key challenges to their ongoing growth and sustainability and individual organisations and as a youth-led sector. These include “Building Partnerships and Relationships” and “Organisational Infrastructure”.

AYAC believes established organisations within the youth affairs sector have a wealth of untapped knowledge and resources that would be of great benefit to young people who wish to contribute to their communities and establish themselves within the youth-led sector.

As such, and working in conjunction with youth-leds, AYAC has developed a basic model to inform considerations around the supports required for emerging and expanding youth-led organisations and a discussion on what can be done to maximise the benefits to all involved.

 Growth and 
for Youth-Led Organisations: Guidelines for Established 
Youth Organisations can be downloaded here.