The value of justice reinvestment for young Australians

Insights from the Coalface: The value of Justice Reinvestment for young Australians based on consultations with over 150 youth sector workers around Australia. The report calls for action as concerns grow at escalating rates of incarceration of young people, coupled with a worrying lack of support services for young people who are coming into contact with the justice system.

AYAC calls for policy to reflect the extensive knowledge and good practice of the sector, and to  ensure incarceration and remand is not the affliction of our most disadvantaged. We want to see marginalised young people getting the right support prior to contact with the justice system, rather than bearing the brunt of ‘tough on crime’ policies.

Youth services and leading advocates from around Australian have united on the issue, endorsing AYAC’s report. The full list of endorsements will be uploaded here soon.

The report follows from a submission made to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs inquiry into the value of a justice reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Australia. AYAC also gave verbal evidence to the Committee, which you can view on Hansard here:

You can download a full copy of the report here:

List of Endorsing Organisations

Last updated: Thursday, 9th May 2013

If you want to be added to this list of organisations endorsing the report, please with the name of your organisation, and the name & title of your key contact person. We’ll update this list every now and again, so please show your support!


Access Community Group

Rob Pringle

Manager Youth Services

Anglicare Australia

Kasy Chambers

Executive Director

Australian Foster Care Association

Bev Orr OAM


The Base Youth Agency

Leanne Brown

Service Manager & Head Counsellor

Bushmob Inc

Will MacGregor


Children with a Disability Australia

Stephanie Gotlib

Executive Officer

Colony 47 Inc

Mark Redmond

Manager Community Programs

Essential Personnel

Matt Spence

Youth Employment for people with Disability (YEP) – Coordinator

Families Australia

Brian Babington

Chief Executive Officer

Girl Guides Australia

Helen Geard

Chief Commissioner

Justice Reinvestment SA

Khatija Thomas and Ralph Bonig


Moree Reconciliation Group

Glen Krump


National Association of Community Legal Centres Inc

Julia Hall

Executive Director

National Children’s and Youth Law Centre

Matthew Keeley


National Youth Coalition for Housing

Joanna Siejka


Northern Rivers Social Development Council

Brett Paradise

Manager Delivery and Client Services

Northern Territory Council of Social Service

Tess Reinsch

Youth Policy Officer


Sam Mesiti

Manager of Youth Services

Parramatta Mission

Natalie Chichmir

Director Women, Children and Youth Services

Refugee Council of Australia

Paul Power

Chief Executive Officer

Rosemont Good Shepherd

Lyn Harrison

Chief Executive Officer

SA Network of Drug and Alcohol Services

Andris Banders,

Executive Officer

SYC – Service to Youth Council

Elizabeth O’Connell

Senior Manager, HYPA

UNICEF Australia

Dr Norman Gillespie

Chief Executive

UnitingCare Children, Young People & Families

Claerwen Little


Victim Support Service Inc.

Tony Waters

Chief Executive

UN Youth

Hagen Marsh-Brown

Public policy officer

YMCA Australia

Peter Newling

National Manager, Policy & Governance

Youth Action NSW

Eamon Waterford

Director – Policy & Advocacy

Youth Affairs Council of South Australia

Anne Bainbridge

Executive Director

Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia

Craig Comrie

Executive Officer

Youth Affairs Network of Queensland

Siyavash Doostkah


Youth Coalition of the ACT

Emma Robertson


Youth Futures WA

Mark Waite


Youth Network of Tasmania

Joanna Siejka

Chief Executive Officer


Barney Langford